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Table of Contents:

Tribute to Redginald
We will always love you, Aboo
What is it like to ride a horse?


Tribute to Redginald

Have you ever had a friend so true
He'd run and buck and jump for you?
He'd all your childhood dreams fufill
Help you grow into adulthood and love you still?

No one could beat you, the wind in your faces.
You'd run in the dunes, the lake, other places.
He'd travel the U.S. of A by your side.
Always ready and willing to go for a ride.

Always there for your love, your tears, your frustrations
So kind and caring and lovingly patient.
He'd gently carry your newborn child,
Then kick up his heels when you wanted to be wild.

As adulthood dreams produced an arena and stable
He'd work by your side still so willing and able.
He would day after day and week after week
Teach others to ride, their own horse dreams to seek.

He started with me when I was fourteen
The most perfect partner - never cross never mean.
Now I'm thirty seven and wiser, "All grown up" they say.
My Redg was beside me each step of the way.

You see, I've had that friend so true
And REdginald I thank God for lending me you.

You left my side for the first time today
I don't know what part is gone or what part is to stay.
You see we are so closely entwined.
I don't know what part is yours or what part is mine.


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We will always love you, Aboo

We will always love you, Boo
For the many years we've shared with you

You always gave your best for us
Without complaint without a fuss

Upon your back Robin learned to fly
The two of you anything would try

You swam in ponds, you jumped the walls
You made sure that she had no falls

All the judges know you - Boo
And you always won the blue

A better partner Robin will never know
We don't understand why you had to go

The most beautiful horse with so much to give
Now in heaven with God you'll live

Watch over us Boo from up above
And give thanks to God for our time of love

We'll join you Boo when life's work is done
To us you'll always be number one


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What it is like to ride a horse?

Riding a horse is the unique privilege of harnessing the power of the wind,
                and bridling the largest waves of the ocean
          with the sun on your face
and sharing beating heartbeats with a most powerful beast that could kill you with one strike
                                 but he does not
            in the stead                you are majestically carried astride
and you are uplifted into a world beyond your own
                where you are given ability to run much faster and jump higher than any other mere
mortal is able to          the boring common existence is no more
you are magic and you are flying and you are untouchable........................and when it is done
properly it is a beautiful powerful dance between man and nature representative of our mutual
dependency on each other for life, love and eternity
                                                                                              love B

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